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Tea & Coffee

Adrak/Masala, Elaichi, Pudina(Mint),Lemon Grass

9 items

All Day Breakfast

Idli, Poha, Upma, Batata Vada, Dal Vada, Punjabi Samosa

20 items

Egg Varieties

Special Omelette, Masala Omelette,Half Fry

7 items


Egg Wrap, Soya Kheema Wrap,Paneer Wrap, Schezwan Wrap

13 items

quick bites

  • oats maggi...
  • mushroom paratha...
  • Masala Bhindi Wrap...
  • egg wrap...
  • omlet sandwich...
  • Rs. 120
  • Rs. 180
  • Rs. 150
  • Rs. 140
  • Rs. 120

About Us

KBC question - Which beverage do Indians drink the most?...No price for guessing that...its water of course and then... it's TEA. And that is vouched by a number of Chai Tapris at arm's length from wherever you are. When Tea is the most common drink, why aren't there as many Tea Cafes around? Why aren't there as much options in Tea variety as much as coffee? That thought conceived MusTea - a place that serves the popular & comfort food & beverage to the uber cool Indians who take pride in everything associated to Indianness. Our aim is to serve Quality, Soda-free Colour-free Additive-free stuff so that you remain healthy while consuming your favourite 'Chai' and 'outside' food. Do take a look at the reviews real people like you have given us - Good & Not so Good as well but Honest ones..hey we are as human as anyone else. :-) Happy MusTeaing!!

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